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What are SATs?

They stand for Standard Attainment Tests. The children complete tests and tasks in speaking and listening, reading, writing, maths and science. They will take place in May each year.

Teacher Assessment

Teachers assess children in every lesson. Assessments are passed from year to year and build up a picture of your child. Teacher assessments give an overall picture of your child’s achievements.

Overall Picture

The tests and tasks completed in the summer term are just a snapshot of your child’s ability. They are used together with the teacher assessments completed throughout the year to report to you your child’s level of attainment.

End of Key Stage 1 assessments

In all subjects your child will receive a grading that is:

P; Level 1; Level 2 or Level 3

In reading, writing and maths the grading is broken down into:

Level 2C; Level 2B or Level 2A

In speaking and listening and science your child will just get a single level grade.

Speaking and Listening

Observations and assessments for these vital skills are on-going throughout the year. This is a key life skill.


Children will complete a task and/or a comprehension test. The task involves reading a book with a teacher and then discussing it. The comprehension test involves reading passages and answering questions in a written format.


Three elements to the assessment:

Two pieces of writing

Spelling test


Three components of writing are assessed:

Sentence structure


Composition and effect

From 2016 there will also be a spelling, grammar and punctuation test for 7 year olds.


The tests consist of level 2 and level 3 test papers which include both oral questions and written questions.


Teacher assessment takes place throughout the year and covers the following areas of study:

Scientific enquiry

Life processes and living things

Materials and their properties

Physical processes

Reporting to Parents

Children’s assessment outcomes will be reported to parents and carers in the summer term report.

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